11 genius ways you can save money on each of your household bills

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Source: Business Insider

You might think certain bills, such as your cell phone plan and utilities, aren’t really changeable.

But there are ways to lower these household expenses.

Getting an energy audit to find out how to make your home more energy efficient and doing full loads of laundry and dishes are relatively easy tweaks that will save you money on these household bills.

Here are 11 unexpected ways you can lower all your monthly bills.

1. Cut overall energy costs: get an energy audit.

1. Cut overall energy costs: get an energy audit.

Ask your utility company for a free energy audit. A representative will come to your house and explain what you need to do to make your home more energy efficient. You can save $100 per year by sealing leaks in windows and doors and insulating ducts—all of which your energy audit will highlight. Here are more easy tricks to cut your energy bill.

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