12-year-old boy set paper on fire, igniting blaze that killed 8-year-old brother & 4-year-old sister

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A 12-year-old boy set paper on fire while in a bedroom of his home and ignited a blaze that killed his sleeping eight-year-old brother and four-year-old sister, a report suggests.

An investigation by Syracuse Fire Department says the boy, who has not been publicly identified, used a lighter to set some kind of paper on fire, such as a magazine or newspaper.

They released the report of the September 1 fire following a Freedom of Information request from Syracuse.com.

Both children were asleep during the fire   A gravestone was dedicated to the two children on September 4 that reads: 'In memory of Chyna and Vinroy Baddal'

The flames spread to nearby fabric and then to the house itself.

Officials have suggested that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone.

His brother, eight-year-old, Vinroy Baddal Jr, died from burns and smoke inhalation while asleep in his bedroom.

The child’s four-year-old sister, Chyna Baddal, died while sleeping in an upstairs bedroom of the two-story home, Syracuse.com reported.

His parents, Vinroy and Kiya Baddal, survived the blaze as well as the children’s grandmother, Millicent Wallace.

The Baddal’s have three other children, including the accused child, who also escaped the fire.

A family court judge will determine the 12-year-old’s fate.

The maximum sentence, if he’s found guilty, would be 18 months in juvenile detention.

He’s charged in Family Court with arson and second-degree manslaughter.

A photo of the children's two tiny white caskets was shared by their father Vinroy Baddal with the caption: 'Rest in Peace my little Angels'. A family court will determine the 12-year-old's fate. The maximum sentence, if he's found guilty, would be 18 months in juvenile detention 

Source: The DailyMail

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