24-year-old mother kills police officer’s daughter in fight over a man, pins her against tree


Wounded: Chynna Stapleton suffered wounds to her mouth and eye and was arrested by police with her child in the backseatA 24-year-old mother has been charged with murder after she allegedly used her Jeep as a battering ram and fatally slammed the 18-year-old daughter of a Chicago police officer against a tree.

Police said that Chynna Stapleton plowed her SUV into Tatyanna Lewis on Friday night in Morgan Park after a Facebook dispute about a man.

According to eye-witnesses, Stapleton repeatedly reversed and pinned Lewis against the tree until she was dead.

After backing up and striking Lewis into the tree ‘at least twice’, witnesses said that Stapleton made her getaway, striking several other cars as she drove off at speed.

When police apprehended her they found she had a child buckled up in the backseat.

In her mugshot picture, Stapleton appears to have suffered wounds to her mouth and left eye that were bandaged.

Tatyanna Lewis, 18, from Chicago was apparently arguing with Stapleton over a man

Stapleton allegedly hit Tatyanna several times with her Jeep Liberty (pictured) while driving it at full speed with a child in the back, according to NBC

 The tire tracks from the suspect's Jeep Liberty are still visible at the murder scene (pictured)

An autopsy performed on Sunday ruled that Lewis died of multiple blunt force injuries from being struck by the vehicle.

Speaking about what she saw, Joneise Mayfield told WGN TV:  ‘When I came out the driver of the jeep was pulling on to the sidewalk.

‘She backed up and hit her again, and then she did it again, and then she just took off, she drove off.

‘It was very heartbreaking to see that, and then just to see her laying on the ground helpless, you can’t really do nothing, but call the police.’

The two women knew each other, Tatyanna’s friend said, and they had argued on Facebook, CBS reported.

‘The victim and her boyfriend were visiting and I guess the other girl, out of jealousy and envy, followed them over here and it escalated over Facebook from my understanding,’ the victim’s friend told CBS news.

Tatyanna, pictured here last November, was pronounced dead at the scene  in the city's Morgan Park neighborhood on the south side

'It was very heartbreaking to see that, and then just to see her laying on the ground helpless, you can’t really do nothing, but call the police,' a witness said

At around 11pm on Friday, the two women were having a heated argument about a man, according to an NBC report, before witnesses say Stapleton hit Tatyanna with her Jeep several times while driving at full speed and crushed her to death.

Just hours before, Tatyanna posted an ominous Facebook post – which has now been shared 665 times. It suggests she was expecting a woman in her area to start a fight.

‘She pulling up on the block right now, please don’t send me off,’ the post read.

Police caught the woman believed to have been driving the Jeep that night, and they found her car just one and a half miles away from where Tatyanna was hit.

Even though witnesses say the argument began on social media, police are still gathering evidence to understand the motive for the killing.

Southside Chicago residents, meanwhile, are left shaken by the tragedy.

‘To run somebody over, cold-blooded, it’s unthinkable, it’s sad,’ Chicago resident Paul Thomas told NBC Chicago.

Chunks of the tree (pictured) where the suspect hit Tatyanna were ripped out during the incident

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