5-year-old boy left on Delaware school bus for 7 hours after driver ‘ignored warnings from other students that he was still on board’


A five-year-old boy was left on a school bus for seven hours after the driver allegedly ignored warnings from other students that he was still on board.

Ibn Polk fell asleep on the bus while on the way to Linden Hill Elementary in Pike Creek, Delaware, on Wednesday.

As other students got off the bus, Ibn was still sound asleep.

According to ABC Action News, security footage shows the students trying to warn the bus driver about Ibn sleeping in one of the seats.

But she allegedly ignored the children and drove the bus to the school bus yard.

Authorities said the woman exited the bus, but the child remained on board for about seven hours, eventually waking up scared and alone.

Ibn wasn’t discovered until the driver returned for her afternoon shift.

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