7 attributes of a wise leader

Praise the Lord Saints.

Proper timing

The wise leader knows time is a commodity. They use sound judgment in decision-making. They have patience. They know organizations and individuals have seasons: seasons of plenty and seasons of want. They have learned there is a right time to act and there are times to wait.  Mastering the art of “when to” places one above the rest.

Character morality

The wise leader places a high value on integrity. You must know that there is a difference between honesty and integrity.  Integrity is taking honesty to the next level and is when you still do what’s not only right but what’s righteous even when you have the opportunity to do wrong. They know ultimately everything rises and falls on the moral fiber of an individual. They’ve seen people lose everything with one bad decision. They know reputation is hard-earned and should be treated as gold.

Leads with vision

The wise leader understands the value of a big picture. They keep an eye on something worth attaining. They continually motivate others by sharing the “Why.” They know momentum lost is hard to regain. They continually seek change that will spur energy around the vision.  Also, the vision will be global in nature with a local or at home appeal.  Neighborhoods and communities can buy into the vision if they feel they can play a role, even if it’s indirect.


The wise leader is risk-taking and intentionally encourages innovation. They have witnessed a stalled organization. They know the dreadful feeling when there is no forward progress. They have personally experienced the cost of lost opportunity. They want to engage others by keeping things moving, people dreaming and the culture exciting.  They loosen the reins and allow input from everyone; it doesn’t mean you will be tossed to and fro but it will allow communication to flow.

Visible diligence

The wise leader continues in spite of adversity. They tenaciously persevere. They know reaching a goal is worth the struggles to get there. They’ve been through storms before and have scars to prove you can come through them whole. They are seen as pillars, strength under duress. People look to them for stability. Change is spawned through chaos and conflict. There can be no victory without a battle.

Strategic thinkers

The wise leader realizes no dream becomes reality without proper planning. They make sure plans are in place and people know what’s expected of them. They utilize healthy systems and structures. They aren’t burdensome with rules, but they are helpful in thinking through a process to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.

Genuinely love people

The wise leader knows people are the key to any organizational or team success and they work to empower others. Others know they are valued and appreciated under their leadership. They are true delegators. They invest in and develop the next generation. They look past the income statement to see the balance sheet—with people as the greatest asset.  Even when it’s not convenient and some seem to be doing everything to ensure you don’t like them, a wise leader must have the agape kind of love on the inside of them to overcome each and every challenge.

It’s not enough to say you love everyone if you have no evidence in your past or present that the statement is true.  It’s more to saying it and occasionally showing it.  Agape love is unconditional love and it will never fail when challenged.  One thing also to keep in mind is that agape love is godly love and the only way to possess this kind of love is to have the Holy Spirit of Jesus dwelling on the inside of you.

It’s not enough to say you are a Christian.  A Christian is nothing more than a person who is knowledgeable about the principles and a follower of Jesus Christ, but a saint is a person that has surrendered their life over to the guidance of the standards that Jesus created.


Man, if one were to give a rating or grade for each of the candidates running for mayor, would either one of them rate higher than 5 out of 10?

Each of these has somewhat of a Christian-like undertone to them and we know everybody is a Christian, right?!  If you don’t know what sarcasm is, ask the person next to you.  People that claim a particular title should exhibit certain characteristics that validate who they are without having to say it.  Hence, one professing to be Christian must have shown Christ-like traits on an ongoing basis or daily, or are they fair weather or some-time Christians, only when it’s convenient or the camera is looking!

Till next week,

God Bless.

Rev. Dr. Robert L. Harrison, PhD

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