African American graduates of 1975 plans for 60th birthday celebration

AAG, featured


ST. PETERSBURG – The year is 2017 and the African American Graduates of 1975, Inc. (AAG ‘75) are turning 60!  Most classmates were born in 1957 and have been turning 60 since January.

As an organization, we will observe our classmates’ 60th birthday on Aug. 5 with the birthday celebration theme of “Diamonds & Denim.”

The class meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Monday of the month at Enoch Davis Community Center.  For additional AAG ‘75 information, please visit our website at  or our Facebook page at The African American Graduates of 1975. You can also reach us by contacting Sandra Fletcher at 727-321-1034 or Ralph Ferguson at 727-386-6805.

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