‘Beyoncé is made in God’s image’: Nearly a thousand people attend San Francisco church’s Queen Bey-inspired mass


A San Francisco church was standing-room only Wednesday night for its one-of-a-kind mass inspired by musical icon Beyonce.

Grace Cathedral, an Episcopal church, announced it was holding a special worship service highlighting Beyonce’s music and how it relates to the spiritual experience of black women and the issues they face in society.

Revered Yolanda Norton, Assistant Professor of Old Testament at San Francisco Theological Seminary, preached Wednesday night’s message.

Norton said she came up with the idea for the mass from her class ‘Beyonce and the Hebrew Bible’.

Grace Cathedral in San Francisco hosted Beyonce Mass Wednesday night, as part of the church's weekly services aimed at young worshippers 

Beyonce Mass   Beyonce Mass at Grace Cathedral

The unique service was organized by the Vine, the church’s contemporary ministry, which holds services every Wednesday night aimed at young worshippers.

The church told ABC that on a typical Wednesday night roughly 50 people attend the Vine’s non-traditional mass. More than 900 people turned out for the April 25 service, Reverend Jude Harmon said.

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