Black Florida man shot, killed by cops for pocket knife while eating in his back yard

An African American man who was said to be eating chicken wings in the backyard of his home while holding a pocket knife was shot and killed by policeman in southern Florida.

The incident occurred at around 10:00 p.m. on Friday.

Gregory Frazier, 55, was reportedly using a small pocket knife to eat near his home in Pompano Beach when he was confronted by two men from the Broward Country Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Broward Palm Beach New Times, the officers were called to the home by Frazier’s sister who had witnessed a verbal altercation between Frazier and her daughter.

The argument between Frazier and his niece ended when the officers arrived. Still, they told Frazier to get down on the ground knowing that he had a knife.

‘Leave me alone,’ Frazier is reported to have replied.

Soon after, both of the deputies opened fire and killed him, according to Local 10 News.

Neighbors say that the officers shot him six times in the back, though this has yet to be confirmed.

Deborah Frazier, the victim's sister, called the police after her brother became embroiled in an argument with her daughter

Both of the deputies have been placed on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation.

‘I never would have called the cops if I’d known this was going to happen,’ Deborah Frazier, the victim’s sister, says. ‘They just came in and started shooting right away.’

The Frazier killing is just the latest incident in which officers have used lethal force against African Americans, raising questions about the prevalence of racism in law enforcement.

This past July, 12 police officers were shot and five killed while working at a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas.

The deputies demanded that Frazier relinquish his pocket knife and get down to the ground, but he refused

The officers were shot by a gunman who said he carried out the attack to revenge the two police-related deaths of black men – Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana – earlier that week.

In February 2016, a police officer in Raleigh, North Carolina, shot and killed a black man whom he was trying to arrest.

A prosecutor ruled that the officer, D.C. Twiddy, acted in self-defense since Akiel Denkins, 24, pulled out a gun and reached for Twiddy’s weapon.

Denkins had been wanted for allegedly selling cocaine.

Also in February, a Montgomery, Alabama, police officer shot dead Gregory Gunn, 58, just a few feet away from his home.

The officer, Aaron Smith, was charged with murder.

Last year saw other high-profile incidents, including the death of Freddie Gray, 25, at the hands of six Baltimore police officers.

In 2014, 43-year-old Eric Garner died after an NYPD officer in Staten Island placed him in an illegal chokehold during an altercation on a sidewalk.

The encounter was caught on tape and sparked protests.

Source: The DailyMail

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