Black man tasered, severely beaten by Michigan cops for failing to signal while pulling into his mom’s driveway


A Michigan man is accusing police officers of using excessive force when they pummeled him for failing to signal while pulling into his mother’s driveway.

Cody Meredith was followed by Taylor, Michigan, police while driving home around 2.30am on March 29, 2016.

According to officers at the scene, Meredith had been driving 35mph in a 25-mph zone and had ‘breaked heavily in order to not run a stop sign.’

Only a block from his home, Meredith continued driving and turned into his mom’s driveway without signalling, at which point officers turned on their lights.

‘Not using your turn signal is not a crime,’ said Amir Makled, Meredith’s attorney, to WDIV.

Audio begins rolling as soon as the officers turn on their lights and Meredith is seen out of his vehicle, headed into the house.

‘Oh s—, get back in the car, man,’ an officer can be heard telling Meredith.

‘Where you guys coming from? Get up off me,’ Meredith responded as the officers pounce on him and can be seen viciously pummeling him.

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