Black models say at least 10 of them were ‘dismissed’ from a Miami Swim Week casting call because of their race


Two black models claims they and 10 to 15 other women of color were turned away from a casting call because of the color of their skin.

Models Joia Talbott and Kacey Leggett took to Instagram to share their experience Friday while waiting in line for a Miami Swim Week casting call for KYA Swimwear.

They said black models were told the casting was closed ‘just so we’d move faster. So we finally get out of line and they open the casting back up.’

Talbott said: ‘They told us they didn’t want any black models and Afros were a no-no.’

After 10 to 15 black women were out of line, they said the women running the casting opened it back up for the fairer-skin women

‘I’m lost for words. I’m still trying to process what happened,’ Leggett said in the video.

‘They were definitely not feeling my Afro at all, so I didn’t stand a chance, right?’ Talbott said.

‘Wow. We’re ready to go back to L.A. where we’re appreciated, and we book,’ she added.

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