Body of single mother who disappeared on the way to work found 5 months later inside her parked car


The body of a New Jersey woman who has been missing since December has been found, five months later, inside her car in a parking lot.

Shanaya Coley, 24, of Paterson, New Jersey, was last seen on December 5 and was reported missing amidst fears that she had been abducted while inside her own grey Nissan Altima.

Shanaya Coley, 24, was believed to be carjacked or abducted on the way to work in December. Her body was found five months later inside her car in a parking lot 

Officers were called to a Paterson apartment complex’s parking lot by concerned citizen Wilfredo Morales, who reported an unattended car on Sunday morning, according to ABC 7.

Upon arrival, officers realized the car was Shanaya’s grey Altima and saw what looked like a body in the backseat.

On Sunday, Morales said he parked his van next to the Altima, as he’d been doing for the past five months, and started ‘smelling something really funky.’

He thought it was a dead cat at first, then realized that the smell was coming from the Altima. ‘I saw a lot of flies, all flies around it,’ he said.

He peeked into the car and as soon as he saw the white sheet covering the body, he called the police.

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