Bodycam shows shocking moment 18-year-old shot, killed by police when he pulls gun on them


Michigan cops have released footage of a shootout in suburban Grand Rapids that led to the death of an 18-year-old felon.

Malik Carey had been stopped on May 3 by three police officers after his probation officer said he had absconded; he had previously been convicted of firing on a car with civilians in it.

Carey and an officer chatted until his identity was confirmed – at which point he pulled a gun on the cops, leading to an intense shootout culminating in his death, MLive reported.

Malik Carey (pictured), 18, was shot on May 3 after cops spotted him breaking probation   Bodycam footage shows him reaching into his pants for a gun (highlighted) before opening fire on police

The footage, released by the Kent County prosecutor, shows the cops with Carey on the 1300 block of Dickinson, where one of them had recognized him as a probation absconder.

It shows the scene from the viewpoints of several different officers, three of whom would eventually be forced to fire on Carey.

Carey, who is sat in the back of a white car, is initially approached by officer Benjamin Hawkins, who asks him his name.

Carey is reluctant to reply, and eventually gave his name as Willie Walton III. The youth opens up a little as Hawkins engages him in a conversation about his dreads.

Minutes later – in a moment cut from the footage – Hawkins left to inspect a photo of Carey that had been sent to a cruiser.

He is then seen returning to the car and opening a rear door to enter it, then telling the youth to put his hands on his head.

Carey reaches into his pants and pulls out a gun, opening fire on Hawkins and officer Tony Gamez, who is stood behind him. He fired at least four shots, police said.

They scramble around the car and return fire; Officer David Lilly manages to taze Carey but a couple of seconds later he bolts from the car, is struck and falls.

Carey was hit two times and is seen raising his arms for police at the end of the video. He died in hospital. None of the cops were harmed.

The young man was found to be lying on top of a .38 revolver. The shooting was ruled justified.

State police said Hawkins fired 11 shots. Gamez fired seven. Lilly did not fire his gun.

There were four cops on the scene when Carey opened fire. He had previously been convicted of opening fire on a car containing civilians

‘Mr Carey was the person who initiated the violence,’ said Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker.

‘He drew his gun, pointed his gun, and fired his gun at least four times before any police officer could even draw their firearm.

‘This was a classic case of “a sudden, fierce and violent attack.”‘

Had he survived, Becker said, Carey would likely have been charged with assault with intent to murder.

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