Boy, 13, dies of a SINUS infection after it spreads to his brain


A 13-year-old boy was killed by a sinus infection that spread to his brain.

Marquel Brumley, who died on March 11, was showing signs of a cold in February, but doctors told his family that he was suffering from a viral infection and that the symptoms would clear up on their own.

Marquel Brumley, 13, (pictured with her his mother Cameo Kennedy) has died from complications of a sinus infection

Then the teen from Flint, Michigan started experiencing migraines that sent him to the emergency room multiple times, but this time medics said those headaches were brought on by puberty and prescribed him over-the-counter medications.

Doctors conducted an MRI scan on March 5 after his migraines worsened to the point that his face was swollen and he lost muscle movement on the left side of his body.

They finally diagnosed Marquel with a sinus infection that traveled to his brain, creating blood clots that would eventually leave the teen brain dead, which is considered clinically dead in Michigan.

Marquel (pictured with his mother Cameo and his sister Alexandria) was a straight-A student 

Speaking with Daily Mail Online, his mother Cameo Kennedy describes the agony of losing her son to a common infection that was misdiagnosed.

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