Boy, three, whose father found him dead inside a sweltering hot daycare bus


The three-year-old boy who died after being left in his daycare’s sweltering hot bus for four hours has been identified.

Raymond Pryer’s father arrived to pick up his son from the Discovering Me Academy in Houston, Texas, on Thursday after returning from a field trip.

But when he showed up he discovered staff were looking for his young son.

They eventually found his body in the bus, where temperatures had hit 117F.

By the time his father arrived to pick him up at 7pm, staff were looking for the boy. They found him on the bus (above, taped off) while his father was there 

He was left inside when the children got off the bus between 2.30pm and 3pm. His father didn’t arrive until 7pm.

Afterwards, witnesses said they heard the man screaming in the parking lot.

It remains unclear why the boy did not get off the bus as he should have.

There were 28 children on the bus at the time and staff claim that the toddler was accounted for when he returned from the trip.

Overnight, the day care’s bus driver, director and the chaperone who was also on the van were questioned by police.

No charges have yet been filed. Harris County Constable Alan Rosen said it was an example of ‘gross negligence’.

He told ABC the case was his ‘worst nightmare’ and said it was an ‘absolute tragedy’.

In 2013, the daycare center was cited for not having technology in its vehicles which forces drivers to walk through the entire bus before getting off to ensure that no child is left behind.

The technology triggers an alarm once the ignition has been switched off which can only be turned off at the back of the vehicle.

The idea is that the driver must walk the entire length of the bus to silence it and encounter any child that has been left behind accidentally on the way.

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