CEO of hair care company gifts daughter’s teacher with brand new car so she won’t have to take bus


The CEO of a black hair company surprised her daughters’ teacher with a brand new car after learning the woman took multiple buses to get to and from work every day.

Courtney Adeleye, the CEO and founder of The Mane Choice hair care products, said she had to step in and help when her husband told her that a teacher at their children’s school didn’t have reliable transportation.

Adeleye and her husband, who is a medical doctor, went out and bought the unnamed teacher a shiny, white new car and had it delivered to the school.

Teacher is gifted with new car   Teacher is gifted with new car

Courtney Adeleye, the CEO of The Mane Choice, purchased the car for her daughters' teacher  and dropped it off at the school 

The couple’s 11-year-old daughter filmed the touching moment Adeleye brought the teacher outside to see her car for the first time.

‘Are you serious?’ the teacher says, getting emotional. ‘You’re really serious? Oh my gosh!’

The teacher then breaks down in tears as she hugs Adeleye and her husband.

‘I cannot believe this! Y’all just don’t know,’ she cries, as she goes to check out the new car, which appears to be a Ford Focus.

The 2018 Ford Focus starts at nearly $18,000.

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