Child cruelty charges after forcing son to walk through school parking lot naked for bad behavior


Joyce Sweetheart Cole, pictured, told her son she would embarrass him if he played up

A mother from Georgia was arrested after she forced her young son to walk through the parking lot of his school naked after he got in trouble in class.

Joyce Sweetheart Cole, 32, of Cobb County, Georgia, ordered the child to strip as a punishment for messing about at Norton Park Elementary school.

Cobb County Sheriff’s department said Cole, who was born in Liberia, had warned the child that she would embarrass him in front of his friends if he continued his poor behavior.

Cole was arrested following the incident and her three children, including the victim, were taken into state protective custody.

The mother-of-three was released on a $5,720 bond.

She has been charged on a felony count first degree cruelty to children and a pair of misdemeanors, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and simple battery.

According to jail records, her bond includes $100 towards the indigent defense fund, $500 towards the jail construction and staffing act fund, $100 to the Peace Officer and Prosecutor Training Fund and a further $20 as a Cobb County bond fee.

According to Fox 5, Cole arrived at the school on Halloween morning after she received reports her son had kicked a fellow pupil.

It was the second time within a month she had to come to the school because of his poor behavior.

Cole ordered the youngster to strip off and walk through the parking lot of Norton Park elementary school, pictured, on Halloween morning last week

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