Dad befriends sons bully, buys him new clothes after learning that he was homeless



A Houston man showed love and kindness to the boy bullying his son, only to find out the former bully was homeless, so he took action and now the two children have become fast friends.

Aubrey Delinzer, as his name is listed on Facebook, shared a video of him taking the boy, named Tamarion, on a shopping trip that ended with him seated across from his son, Jordan, poised to hash out their differences.

‘Speak your mind, son,’ the tattoo artist says in the clip. ‘This is a meeting. We’re having a meeting.’

The next photo Aubrey shared was of the boys passing a video game controller back and forth, with the words, ‘problem solved’ written across it.

The story quickly went viral on Twitter, where it was viewed over 4.5 million times.

Delinzer used the notoriety he’s gained from sharing the story to start a GoFundMe campaign for Tamarion and his family, who have been living in a hotel.

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