Dallas hires first female police chief to replace veteran officer whose message was ‘come and work for us’


Dallas has hired its first female police chief.

Ulysha Renee Hall, 46, has been hired to replace David Brown, the department’s beloved chief who won the nation’s hearts with his response to the killings of five of his officers at an anti-violence protest in July 2016.

Hall will leave her current position as the Deputy Chief of Detroit Police Department.

Announcing her new role in a statement on Wednesday, she said: ‘I am honored to be chosen to lead the Dallas Police Department at this critical time in its history.

‘I look forward to building on the successes of the past, preserving community trust and ensuring the safety of our officers and the entire Dallas community.’

Brown announced his retirement last October but it has taken until now for a replacement to be chosen.

He decided to step down after inspiring millions with his response to the deadly shooting of five of his officers at a Black Lives Matter protest in July 2016.

Brown urged protesters to ‘come and work for us,’ after the killings which were carried out by sniper Micah Johnson.

‘We’re hiring. Get off that protest line and put an application in, and we’ll put you in your neighborhood, and we will help you resolve some of the problems you’re protesting about,’ he said.

She takes over from David Brown, 55. Brown served the department for 33 years. He won the nation's hearts with his head-forward response to the  2016 killings of five of his officers 

He defended using a robot and bomb to kill Johnson, a move which was criticized afterwards, saying:  ‘I approved it and I’ll do it again if presented with the same circumstances.’

Johnson, who had served in the military, opened fire on officers as they policed an anti-violence protest in Dallas last July. The protest came after the deaths of two men at the hands of officers in other states.

After opening fire on the officers, he took shelter in a room in a building and a stand-off with police ensued.

The police department sent in a robot equipped with a bomb to kill him.

Brown did not give a reason when he announced his decision to retire last year. Friends later said he simply wanted to spend more time ‘doing nothing’.

At a press conference announcing her new role on Wednesday, Ulysha said she was eager to make the officers within Dallas Police Department her new family.

‘The Dallas Police Department — that’s about to be my family. We are a family in blue already, but as their new leader, we’re going to be just like family,’ she said.

Brown welcomed the announcement on Wednesday. He stepped down in October last year but did not give a reason

Hall will leave her current position as the deputy chief of Detroit Police Department to take on the role in Texas in September   Hall will leave her current position as the deputy chief of Detroit Police Department to take on the role in Texas in September

Brown served as the Dallas Police Chief for 33 years before announcing his retirement in October.

During his time on the force, his own son was killed by officers in a different department.

In 2010, he died in a shootout with officers from Lancaster Police Department. He had suffered mental health troubles.  Hall will start work in Dallas on September 5.

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