Dollar General ‘Coupon Carl’ calls the cops on a black woman for trying to use discount coupons


A cashier at a Dollar General store called the police on a black customer after he deemed she had used too many coupons, less than a week after a CVS employee did the same thing in Chicago.

Madonna Wilburn was checking out with $30-worth of groceries at the discount shop in Buffalo, New York, on July 18 when a manager believed to be Ken Dudek accused her of ‘trying to take advantage of the system’ by using digital coupons.

Dudek became increasingly frustrated while trying to figure out how to apply the coupons, allegedly telling the mother-of-four: ‘I hate people like you’.

Wilburn, a special education and history teacher, said she was trying to maximize … on a haul of cleaning supplies by using the Dollar General app.

Dudek reportedly told her the coupons were for the wrong items and wasn’t listening when she tried to explain the deals in question allegedly telling her to ‘shut up’.

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