Elderly woman suing nephew after they split $1.2 million lottery prize says she put his name on ticket for good luck


An elderly woman is suing her own nephew for $600,000 in lottery winnings after the pair split a $1.2million prize down the middle.

Barbara Reddick, from Nova Scotia, Canada, said nephew Tyrone MacInnis ‘doesn’t deserve’ his share of the prize and she only put his name of the ticket for good luck.

She claims she agreed to split a runner-up prize with MacInnis if they won, but never agreed to give up half of the jackpot.

Barbara Reddick, from Nova Scotia, says she is suing her nephew Jerome MacInnis for his share of a $1.2million lottery prize after the pair won on a joint ticket this week

Reddick said she put MacInnis's name on the ticket 'for good luck' but bought it herself and doesn't believe he deserves the money

The pair were pictured holding a giant check after scooping the jackpot of the Margaree Chase the Ace on Wednesday.

MacInnis can be seen beaming from ear-to-ear, while Reddick stands next to him looking less than impressed.

Lottery organizers then presented the relatives with two smaller checks for $600,000 each, and it was at that point the Reddick lost her temper.

During an interview with Canadian news crews she pointed at MacInnis, saying: ‘See you in court.’

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