Family of Bronx mom who ‘killed 5-month-old son by throwing him against a wall’ says she is bipolar


A mother has been accused of killing her five-month-old son by throwing him against a wall, according to Bronx police.

Joann McLeod, 30, is facing murder charges after police found her infant son, Raymond Porfil, lifeless in his crib at McLeod’s apartment in the New York City neighborhood of Soundview at around 10am on June 4.

He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital and the death was ruled a homicide.

Police found the infant, Raymond Porfil, lifeless in his crib on June 4 and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. McLeod confessed to throwing the baby against the wall of her apartment

On Tuesday MacLeod was arrested and confessed to having thrown the child into the wall.

She is currently awaiting an arraignment on murder charges.

Family members have said that the mom is an abusive drug addict who had previously had three children taken away by Child Services.

‘She was a bad, bad mother. She killed my baby,’ the baby’s father, Raymond Porfil Sr, told the New York Daily News.

‘Every time he cried, she would spank and spank him. If I wasn’t there, she would hit him. He had a black eye and a bruised mouth.’

Porfil’s sister, Estella Walker, said that McLeod had told neighbors that Raymond had been crying so she ‘stuffed a sock in the baby’s mouth and taped it up, and then fell asleep.’

‘When we went to the hospital, she wasn’t even crying,’ Walker, 43, told the NYDN.

‘I feel so bad. That was my only son. He was my first boy,’ Porfil said.

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