Family of slain black man ‘murdered by his white wife’ claim ‘affluenza effect’ when bond slashed

By Hannah Moore and Anneta Konstantinides For

A Texas woman who is accused of killing her husband has had her bond reduced from $1.5million to $140,000.

Morgan told police that she had been abused and that she shot Sims (pictured together) in self-defense when she was arrested last month. The judge said her allegations of abuse needed to be considered in setting bail

Morgan Leigh Sims, 33, has been charged with the April 25 murder of 37-year-old Daray Vontrell Sims.

She told police she was abused and shot the man in self defense.

The attorney for Daray’s family, Craig Watkins, said the lowered bond was the ‘affluenza effect, Dallas News reported.

‘We see [the affluenza effect] when a person of color is killed by someone who is Anglo,’ he said.

The term was coined in 2013 to defend a wealthy young man who killed four while drunk driving.

‘When they found her, she had her passport, $9,000 and the murder weapon,’ Watkins said.

‘If she pays a bail bondsman the standard 10 per cent, she can get out of jail for $14,000.’

The judge disagreed, and said her claims of abuse needed to be taken into consideration, as Sims had injuries to her face and arms when she was arrested.

The couple, who have two children together, had celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary less than two weeks before the fatal shooting.

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