Father pleads for help in finding attacker who stabbed teen to death, wounded her sister

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Nia Wilson, 18 (pictured), has died and her 20-year-old sister has been hospitalized after both women were stabbed at an Oakland Bay Area Rapid Transit station on SundayAn 18-year-old was killed and her older sister wounded in a horror knife attack at an Oakland Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station on Sunday night.

Nia Wilson, 18, died after a person police described as a white heavyset male, five-feet-nine-inches tall with short blonde hair in his 20s or 30s stabbed the teenager as she walked off the BART train at MacArthur station.

Her sister, age 20, was also stabbed and has been taken to a hospital for treatment.

The father of the two women talked withKTVU in a brief, emotional interview, after he was called to the scene.

‘I want justice for my daughter,’ he said, with his eyes welling up with tears, seemingly in disbelief.

‘I want justice for my daughter. Please help me get justice for my daughter.’

A man, who told SF Gate that he was present when the attack occurred, said he was turned away from the sisters when he heard noise behind him.

Then he saw one of the women bleeding from her back, and witnessed the suspect ‘poking’ the other sister.

There was no audible confrontation between the sisters and the suspect, prior to the attack he said.

‘I work at Highland Hospital, I see this every single day,’ the father said, with tears streaming down his face.

The father of the two women (pictured) talked with KTVU in a brief, emotional interview, after he was called to the scene, pleading for 'justice for my daughter' with tears in his eyes

‘I never imagined myself going through nothing like this,’ he said. ‘That’s my baby girl laying up there.’

He went on to describe the confusion he experienced when he got the phone call on Sunday night that something terrible had happened.

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