Five malnourished children found living among cockroaches, feces in Texas apartment

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A Texas man has been arrested after cops found five malnourished children living in squalor among cockroaches, feces and rotting food in his apartment.

John Spencer Moton, 33, was arrested Tuesday on Dallas on five counts of endangering a child and one count each of failure to identify and resisting arrest. Bail has been set at $9,750.

The children were girls ages five, four and three, as well as and boys ages two and one.

Police arrived at Moton’s apartment around 2.20pm in response to a concerned neighbor’s call about a baby that had been crying for a long time, according to an arrest warrant affidavit reported by the Dallas Morning News.

‘What do you want?’ yelled Moton through the door as officers knocked, according to police.

After opening the door, Moton told police that there were five children in the apartment and that everything was ok. But the cops noticed within seconds that a strong odor of filth and feces emanated from the apartment.

The apartment was located near this intersection in Dallas. Police called the conditions inside 'deplorable' including feces, cockroaches and rotten food

When questioned, Moton refused to identify himself and stepped outside and shut the door, leaving the children inside, cops say.

After returning into the residence several times, Moton returned outside carrying one of the children, according to the affidavit.

Moton refused to put the child down, and took an ‘aggressive stance’ while clenching his fist, cops say. One officer grabbed the man’s wrist while another wrestled the child safely away.

When Moton continued to refuse police orders and surrender, officers used a stun gun on him and took him into custody, cops say.

Upon entering the residence, police found the overwhelming stench of rotten food and feces made it difficult to ‘walk through without vomiting’.

In the living room a pit bull was tied to the fireplace, and three kids sat on a couch covered in feces, cops say.

The fifth child was in a crib wearing a soiled diaper.

Cops say the refrigerator was full of rotten food, with nothing edible. Rotten food was also found in rooms throughout the apartment.

Two closets appeared to have been converted into a makeshift playpen and a bed made from blankets covered with rotten food and insects, according to police.

Cockroaches and flies were throughout the property, said cops, who called the situation ‘deplorable.’

The relationship between Moton and the children was not immediately clear.

Police found Moton had an outstanding warrant for speeding in Benbrook, Texas, a suburb of Fort Worth.

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