FL man faked a pro-Trump KKK hate crime, set ex’s car on fire, staged his own kidnapping


A Florida man was arrested twice over the weekend following a bizarre string of incidents that could have potentially put the life of his ex and their four children at risk.

Vincent Palmer III, 27,  placed a note with the words ‘KKK’ and ‘Trump’ as well as a slew of racial slurs that were directed at his own children on the mailbox of his ex-girlfriend before smashing a brick through the window of her car and setting the vehicle on fire in the early morning hours of Saturday.

He then fled, but returned when his ex, Staci Winn, 35, called him to say what had happened to her car.

Police on the scene then arrested Palmer when they noticed he was acting suspicious and learned there was a warrant out for his arrest over failure to pay child support.

He was released on Sunday, and at that point scrawled a bloody note with more racial slurs claiming that he had been kidnapped, which he left for his grandparents.

His grandfather called authorities to alert them to the note and soon after the officers who had arrested Palmer one day prior eventually found him at a nearby Burger King in Ormond Beach.

At that point Palmer admitted to setting the fire, writing the note and faking his own kidnapping.

He said that he did because the couple had been arguing about the custody of their four boys, who are all under the age of five.

Crime: Vincent Palmer III, 27, set his ex-girlfriend Stacie Winn's car on fire over the weekend after throwing a brick through the window (couple above with Winn's daughter from a previous relationship)

Hate crime: Palme also left a note for her and their four children, who are all under the age of five, which had the words 'KKK' and Trump' written on it (Winn's car after the fire)

Lines: The note read: 'I HAVE WATHED [ sic ] YOU FOR A LONG TIME YOU AND YOUR N***** KIDS DON'T Belong'

The Ormond Beach Police Department said in their report that Palmer left work shortly after 4am on Saturday and went to a gas station where he filled a Mountain Dew bottle with gasoline before heading off to his ex’s home.

Winn lives at the residence with her four children with Palmer, a 9-year-old daughter from a previous relationship and her 67-year-old mother Lynda according to the report.

Palmer then clipped the note he wrote to the side of the mailbox, which read: ‘I HAVE WATHED [sic] YOU FOR A LONG TIME YOU AND YOUR N***** KIDS DONT Belong.’

That side also had ‘KKK’ written on it, and the flip side had the word ‘TRUMP.’

Winn was alerted to the fire by a neighbor, and when she went outside and saw what was happening she immediately called Palmer.

‘While the police were there the victim called the defendant and told him that her vehicle had been set on fire,’ reads the police report.

‘The defendant went to the victim’s home at that time. When he arrived the officer’s on scene ran a warrant’s check on the defendant.

Palmer (mugshot above) is charged with arson‘He had a Writ of Bodily Attachment warrant for child support so he was arrested. Ofc Pearson spoke to the defendant while at the scene and said he appeared to be nervous.’

The officers did not suspect Palmer of setting the fire at that time, and early Sunday he was released from jail.

A little after 10am, Palmer’s grandfather called police in Daytona Beach to report he had found a bloody note claiming his grandson had been kidnapped, along with drops of blood in the driveway.


Officers quickly pinged Palmer’s phone, which revealed his location to be a nearby Burger King.

When police arrived Palmer claimed his name was ‘Raquel B Johnson,’ but then changed his story when the arresting officers from the previous day appeared, admitting to his real identity.

Palmer also admitted at that time to setting the fire and was taken in to be interviewed by authorities.

Confused: Winn first wrote about the hate crime she believed she suffered, unaware that Palmer was behind the incident (Winn's Facebook post above)

Confused: Winn first wrote about the hate crime she believed she suffered, unaware that Palmer was behind the incident (Winn’s Facebook post above)

‘During the interview the defendant told us that he wrote the note found at the arson before he left work. He also told us that he stopped at the gas station to buy gas specifically for using in the burning of the victim’s vehicle,’ reads the police report.

‘He was very open and told us exactly what he had done. He apologized for the fire and said he never meant to hurt anyone.

‘The blood that was found at the Daytona Beach scene was the defendant’s. He had pricked his own finger and spread the blood around to add to the abduction illusion.

‘He said he had set the victim’s vehicle on fire because of problems he was having with her over their children. The defendant and the victim were never threatened by or in danger from anyone in this case. The defendant wrote both notes of his own free will in an attempt to keep investigating officers from thinking he was the suspect.’

He is now facing an arson charge, and his ex has set up a GoFundMe page in hopes of getting some money to get a new vehicle.

‘My son is turning 1 in 5 days, another is turning 2 in 10 and Krista will be 10 in 14 days. They are and have been my main focus and will continue to be. Y’all be blessed and keep me and my family in your prayers,’ writes a devastated Winn on the page.

‘I’m trying to replace my car seats, strollers and any gap from the value on my car and a new car.’

She is hoping to raise $5,000 to help her out at this time.

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