Former brain rehab clinic worker sexually abused patients – some just hours after they arrived

By Keith Griffith For and Associated Press

Jacky Stanley, 51, was sentenced on Friday in Kingston, New YorkA former employee of a traumatic brain injury rehabilitation clinic has been sentenced to 46 years for sexually abusing patients at the facility, some within hours of intake.

Jacky Stanley, 51, was sentenced on Friday in Kingston, New York on 24 counts related to six victims at the Northeast Center for Rehabilitation and Traumatic Brain Injury in the Hudson Valley.

Two said he performed oral sex on them, while the rest said he had rubbed or touched their genitals.

Stanley was a neighborhood counselor at the facility.

The jury heard that one male patient awoke to find Stanley performing oral sex on him, and that Stanley threatened one victim and the victim’s family to keep them silent.

Some patients were sexually abused just hours after arriving at the facility, the jury heard.

Stanley was a neighborhood counselor at the Northeast Center for Rehabilitation and Traumatic Brain Injury in the Hudson Valley, where he abused at least six patients

A jury convicted him in May after hearing testimony from victims, who were admitted between July 2014 and February 2015, but without forensic evidence or corroborating witnesses.

He was acquitted of four of the most serious counts of predatory sexual act and three counts of first-degree criminal sex act.

In finding Stanley not guilty of first-degree criminal sex act, the jurors rejected the prosecution’s claim that Stanley performed oral sex on two of the men by forcible compulsion.

The third first-degree criminal sex act count alleged that one victim was physically incapable of resisting the oral sex.

Stanley was convicted on lesser counts related to all six victims, however.

He steadfastly maintained his innocence throughout the trial.

New York’s Democratic Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced the sentence Friday.

‘These were heinous acts of abuse targeting residents already suffering from traumatic, life-changing injuries,’ said Schneiderman.

Stanley’s attorney declined to comment on the sentence.

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