Funeral director under fire for taking selfies with caskets and hearses, sharing pics to Facebook


A Texas family are outraged after they say a funeral director made a mockery of their relative’s somber memorial service by posing for a selfie with the deceased man’s casket.

Rose Molina says she was shocked when she caught David L. Jones, a funeral director at Leal Funeral Home in the Houston suburb of Jacinto City, angling his cellphone while apparently posing for a photo in front a hearse carrying her loved one’s body.

The incident took place on Saturday during the funeral for Molina’s cousin, who passed away on September 4 at age 32, according to social media postings.

David L. Jones, a funeral director from Texas, has landed in hot water after a family accused him of snapping a selfie with their loved one's hearse   This image, taken from his Facebook page, show Jones posing in front of a casket

Somber event: Rose Molina and her family were at Leal Funeral Home in Jacinto City Saturday to bif a final farewell to her 32-year-old cousin 

Molina tells the station KTRK that when she confronted Jones about the alleged selfie, the funeral director denied posing with the hearse and claimed that he used the camera on his phone to straighten his tie.

When Ms Molina went on Facebook and looked up Jones’ social media account, she was appalled to discover numerous selfies depicting the immaculately dressed and groomed funeral director posing in front of caskets and hearses.

His macabre online album, reviewed by Daily Mail Tuesday, includes photos showing Jones in front of a stretcher covered in red velvet being loaded into a hearse, as well as advertisements for various caskets.

Molina shows her late cousin's photo on the left   The screenshot depicts her reenacting how Jones was holding his cellphone while standing in front of her cousin's hearse

Macabre photography: When Ms Molina went on Facebook and looked up Jones' social media account, she was appalled to discover numerous selfies depicting him posing in front of caskets and hearses

The dapper mortician has been sharing online self-portraits featuring coffins and hearse since at least June   Jones is posing in front of a funeral home vehicle

In one photo, the bespectacled mortician is seen wearing a novelty Superman T-shirt that reads: ‘I’m a funeral director. What’s your superpower?’

According to his Facebook account, Jones is a Freemason and member of the Order of the Eastern Star, which is a masonic institution that is open to both men and women and is based on Biblical teachings.

One photo in his account depicts the funeral director in his full Masonic regalia, complete with a blue-and-white apron emblazoned with the star and compasses emblem and a pair of white gloves.

Leal Funeral Home’s owner, Joaquin Leal, told KTRK Jones is an independent contractor, but he called his behavior ‘unacceptable.’

Leal also said he called the family of the deceased man to apologize on Jones’ behalf.

According to his Facebook account, Jones is a Freemason, and the image shows him in his masonic apron   Jones is seen in a novelty T-shirt celebrating his profession

‘We were mourning the loss of my cousin, to be a very family event, private event, it’s tainted. He disrespected this day in my family’s life,’ said Rose Molina.

Jones is a graduate of Texas Southern University who studied funeral directing and embalming at the Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Services.

He is a licensed funeral director with the State of Texas who has had no complaints so far.

The Texas Funeral Services Commission says if it is found that Jones has committed a violation of conduct, he could face a $5,000 fine and get a warning.

Source: The DailyMail

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