Georgia woman lured man she met on Plenty of Fish app to home where he was shot dead


Clarissa McGhee, 21, is the main suspect in the shooting death of Jordan CollinsPolice in Georgia suspect a woman lured a man she met on a dating app to a house and had him killed. 

Authorities believe Clarissa McGhee, a 21-year-old woman from the Atlanta suburb of McDonough, invited Jordan Collins to a home ‘under the pretense of a date’ in nearby Redan, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Monday.

According to initial findings of a police investigation, McGhee lured Jordan, 23, outside, where he was gunned down and killed.

The two are reported to have met on the online app Plenty Of Fish.

In statements to police, Chad Collins said that he and his brother were at the home of an unidentified woman who was said to be out of town.

At one point, Chad said that his brother, Jordan, was asked by McGhee to go outside to quiet a barking dog.

Jordan obliged and moments later, Chad heard his brother say, ‘Chill out’ before a gunshot rang out.

Shortly afterward, Chad rushed outside to help his brother, and was shot five times. He was taken to hospital.

Jordan (left) and his brother, Chad (right), were at a home near Atlanta  when they were both shot. Chad was wounded multiple times when he came to his brother's aid

Investigators found a cell phone at the scene which led them to McGhee, who was arrested by police on Saturday.

Warrants have been issued for the arrest of four others who were at the house during the September 1 incident.

Investigators say that more details of their probe will be released later this week.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that three children were upstairs in the house when the shootings took place, though they were unharmed.

Source: The DailyMail

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