Girl, 13, ‘stabbed her friend, 14, to death during an argument over a sleepover while her mother watched and did nothing’

By ASSOCIATED PRESS | Source, The DailyMail

A 13-year-old Texas girl has been charged with stabbing her friend, 14, to death during an argument over a sleepover.

Nylah Lightfoot of Fort Worth, Texas was stabbed in the chest and neck when she went to pick up her clothes from her friend’s home on Tuesday.

The victim’s mother Anntoinette Carter claims that the mother of the suspect stood by and watched the altercation between the two girls unfold, without stepping in.

Nylah, pictured above, had gone to visit the suspect to retrieve clothes she left with her when she was stabbed in the chest and the neck and later died from her wounds 

Carter says her daughter Nylah and the suspect were ‘on-and-off friends’.

She added that Nylah asked if the suspect could sleepover, to which Carter said no, according to The Star-Telegram.

Then the suspect asked Nylah to come over and retrieve clothes she had swapped with the teen.

Then the two got into an altercation at the Fort Worth apartment complex and things turned deadly.

Police responded to a call around 3:30am early Tuesday morning.

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