Girl, 16, who was ‘relentlessly bullied for months’ jumped to her death ‘hours after she was sexually assaulted at school


A Bronx teen subjected to months-long bullying killed herself last year hours after she was forced by two boys to perform oral sex and then was teased about it by classmates, according to a lawsuit filed against the city by the girl’s parents.

Mya Vizcarrondo-Rios, a 16-year-old 9th grade honor student, leaped off the rooftop of her 34-story apartment building in The Bronx on February 28 of last year.

She still had her backpack on when her body was found on the sidewalk shortly after 2pm.

Her parents, Heriberto Rios and Nelly Vizcarrondo, allege that their daughter killed herself after being subjected to chronic bullying, which included body-shaming attacks and physical abuse, ever since she enrolled at Harry S. Truman High School in September 2017.

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