Golf Digest helps to free artist wrongly convicted of murder who spent 27 years in jail


Six years after a Golf Digest investigation helped reopen his case, an incarcerated artist who has never played golf but became known for drawings of lush courses he could only imagine has been set free.

Dixon smiles outside Erie County Court in Buffalo on Wednesday following a hearing at which he was cleared of a murder charge that kept him in prison for 27 years

Valentino Dixon walked out of court in Buffalo, New York, on Wednesday into bright sunshine and hugs from his mother, daughter and a crowd of other relatives and friends, ready for a meal at Red Lobster and vowing to fight on behalf of others who are wrongly convicted.

‘I love y’all,’ Dixon shouted after trading the green prison uniform he wore in court for jeans and a T-shirt. ‘It feels great.’

Earlier Wednesday, a judge agreed to set aside Dixon’s conviction in the 1991 shooting death of 17-year-old Torriano Jackson on a Buffalo street corner and accepted a guilty plea from another man who had confessed to the killing two days after it happened.

‘There was a fight. Shots were fired. I grabbed the gun from under the bench, switched it to automatic, all the bullets shot out. Unfortunately, Torriano ended up dying,’ Lamarr Scott, who has been in prison for 25 years for an unrelated attempted murder, told the court. ‘I dropped the gun and ran and it was over and done with.’

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