Grandmother’s chilling 911 call: dog kills 7-month-old grandson

Grandson killed by dog, BTB

A chilling 911 call has revealed a woman wailing for help after her dog killed her seven-month-old step-grandson in a vicious attack at her home.

Jonathon Quarles Jr., from Indianapolis, Indiana, was being looked after by his grandmother at her Dayton, Ohio home on Sunday when her dog, an American Staffordshire terrier, killed the boy.

The distraught woman ran next door with the little boy in her arms, prompting her neighbor to call authorities just before 12.30pm.

‘She knocked on my door, banging on my door,’ the neighbor told the 911 dispatcher. ‘She had a baby in her hand. The baby’s not breathing. I need you to get here now!’

As the dispatcher asks where baby Jonathon is injured, the woman can be heard wailing: ‘The baby’s dead!’

‘Y’all need to get here,’ the man urges the dispatcher.

Footage from ABC22 shows the woman sobbing as she is escorted inside her house by officers.

It is not known what injuries the boy suffered, but his autopsy is planned for Monday.

A family spokesman, Reverend Victor Lee, told ABC that the family told him the dog jumped over a gate and attacked the baby boy as his grandmother desperately tried to save him.

‘It’s a good family and unfortunately this incident has happened so until all the facts are in we just have to bear with it and not spread rumors about what had happened,’ he said, WDTN reported.

An animal control officer removed the dog, which was involved in another violent incident last month. Officials will now decide what will happen to the animal.

A June 3 police report shows the same dog attacked and injured a beagle that was being walked by its owner outside the house.

The beagle managed to run away but it needed 11 staples to its leg, ABC22 reported.

The beagle’s owner, Isabelle Crickmore, went to authorities and a criminal misdemeanor complaint was made against the grandmother.

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