Graphic body camera video shows the Tulsa man shooting officer in leg during a shootout outside convenience store


The Tulsa Police Department released body camera footage showing the moment officers engaged in a shootout at a store parking lot with a man who had opened fire on three cops, injuring one.

The dramatic footage was released on Wednesday, the same day 34-year-old John Terry Chatman Jr was charged with three counts of shooting with intent to kill, possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, obstruction, driving under suspension and driving with an improper tag.

In the video, several officers are seen standing near the open side door of a minivan in the parking lot of a QuikTrip convenience store in Tulsa on July 3 repeatedly asking Chatman to step out because he is under arrest for a traffic offense.

Chatman refuses to get out the car telling the cops they’re going to have to shoot him.

‘We tried every option we could in that close proximity to get him to get out,’ Sgt Shane Tuell told the Tulsa World.

‘At the point when he says, ‘Just shoot me,’ it was apparent he was not going to be getting out of the vehicle,’ Tuell said.

One of the officers shoots pepper balls at Chatman, who responds by pulling out a .32-caliber revolver handgun and firing at the three officers.

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