Mom arrested after leaving her three young kids alone at home so she could pick up her boyfriend


An Iowa mother was arrested on child endangerment charges after one of her home alone children called 911 asking for help with watching YouTube.

Nataliee Kahl, 23, of Coralville, Iowa, was arrested Monday after authorities said she left her three children — ages one, three and five years old — home by themselves for about 40 minutes on December 14.

Authorities were alerted to the fact that the children were left alone that night when one of the kids called 911 at about 10pm saying that ‘her mom and dad left and she needed help watching YouTube,’ according to court filings obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Police were said to have been inside the home when Kahl finally returned to her brood and allegedly admitted that she’d left the house ‘to go get her boyfriend from a neighbor’s house.’

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