High schooler who got pregnant during her senior year graduates in the top 5% of her class


A Georgia teen who got pregnant during her senior year of high school is encouraging other teen moms not to give up and know that they can still accomplish great things if they work hard and dedicate themselves.

Lauren Spencer from Atlanta was always a ‘good’ kid and good student, so it was a shock when she found out she was expecting a baby in high school.

But rather than dropping out or giving up, the 18-year-old refused to let the unexpected addition to her family derail her plans — and, as she told Love What Matters, she went on to graduate at the top of her class after finishing her studies a semester early.

Impressive! But Lauren still managed to finish a semester early with a 94 numeric GPA   She will be attending Georgia State University this fall

Lauren said she always ‘played by the rules’ growing up, and gave her family no trouble.

But when she was a senior in high school this past year, she got the shocking news that she was pregnant. She was surprised, and so was her family — and she worried that she let everyone down who expected her to do great things with her life.

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