Husband is charged with killing pregnant wife, 20, and throwing her body in a dumpster


Cassandritz Blanc, 22, has been charged in the murder of his pregnant wife Martine Bernard, 20, and may be charged in her father's death as well A husband has been charged with shooting and killing his six-month pregnant wife and tossing her in a dumpster in Florida.

And now police are probing whether he also killed her father.

When Roosevelt Bernard, 68, did not show up to a family gathering Saturday night, relatives called the authorities. His body was found just 80 steps away from his well kept Hollywood home, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The concern then turned toward pregnant Martine Bernard, 20. Police quickly asked the public to help find her, as they believed she was in danger.

However it was too late for the young pregnant woman, her body was found at 4.30am Tuesday in an dumpster in an alley in Fort Lauderdale, just a short distance from the home she shared with her 22-year-old husband, Cassandritz Blanc.

Both father and daughter had been shot. While Blanc has been charged in his wife’s murder, charges could be pending for his unborn child and Martine’s father Roosevelt.

Blanc is in the Broward County jail in Fort Lauderdale. He is accused of the premeditated murder, and he is also accused in that case of abusing a dead body.

Police would not comment on how long Martine’s body had been left in the dumpster.

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