Man arrested after shooting dead three co-workers, injuring two others at Baltimore granite company


The man wanted for shooting six people at a Maryland office park and Delaware car lot has been taken into custody after a massive manhunt spanning two states.

Radee Labeeb Prince, 38, was arrested in Delaware on Wednesday night. Wilmington Police Chief Robert Tracy said he discarded a handgun and ran when police spotted him walking in the town of Glasgow.

Police say he killed three people and injured two more in a shooting at a Baltimore-area granite company at around 9am Wednesday then drove to Delaware and shot a sixth victim about two hours later.

The shooting rampage set off a manhunt along the Interstate 95 Northeast corridor.

The Harford County Sheriff’s Office has now identified three of people who died, including Bayarsaikhan Tudev, 53, of Virginia; Jose Hidalgo Romero, 34, of Aberdeen, Maryland, and Enis Mrvoljak, 48, of Dundalk, Maryland.

Authorities said he had opened fire at 8:58am when he showed up for work at Advanced Granite Solutions in Emmorton Business Park, Edgewood. It’s located around 20 miles northeast of central Baltimore, Maryland.

Two of the Maryland victims died on the scene and a third died later. Both of the surviving Maryland victims are in critical condition. One of them left surgery at around 2:15pm.

Prince then fled the scene in a black GMC Acadia and drove to 28th Street Auto Sales in Wilmington, Delaware, and shot a man twice at around 10:46am. Police say he had ‘beefs’ in the past with the victim who is now recovering in hospital.

Radee Labeeb Prince, 38, was arrested in Delaware on Wednesday night after a massive manhunt spanning two states

It is not yet clear what sparked the attack, but an ex-colleague took a peace order out against Prince in February, saying that he’d punched a man in the face, then returned to the workplace and threatened colleagues. Prince was fired from that job.

Police had earlier warned that Prince – who pleaded guilty to 15 burglaries in 2003 – was considered ‘armed and dangerous’ and should not be approached.

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said that the motivation for the shootings remains unknown, but added that Prince hadn’t undergone any recent separations and said he believed it may have been a work relationship.

He confirmed that Prince had been working at the granite company, which made counter-tops and similar items, for four months prior to the shooting. He said Prince was there on a regular scheduled workday.

In a later press conference, Wilmington Police Chief Robert Tracy said that he believed all of the victims – including the Delaware victim knew Prince.

He said Prince and the man shot at the Wilmington auto shop had a ‘history and beefs’ with Prince over ‘some past history on some criminal cases’. He added that Prince had been arrested 42 times in Delaware, mostly on parole violations, had been convicted of 15 felony counts and four misdemeanors in 2003.

He said there had been no previous assaults between the two, just ‘a relationship that had gone awry’ and declined to give further details on the subject.

Tracy said that although the auto lot worker was shot in the head and torso, he was conscious and alert when police arrived and provided first aid. The worker positively identified Prince and told police he had just left.

The officers gave chase, but lost Prince’s car – the same black GMC Acadia he’d been seen driving from Maryland – northbound on 30th and Market St, he said.

He said that the auto worker was expected to survive. Delaware and Maryland police had been working with New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in case Prince had moved on to those other states.

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler (pictured) said that the incident was the worst that Harford County had seen. A second vehicle related to the shooter was found in Elkton but it has now been cleared

Gahler declined to elaborate on how the bodies were positioned in the Maryland shooting, but suggested that Prince had moved through the building while attacking, and said that he believed that many more would have died if Prince had been able to fire at them before fleeing.

He also declined to confirm a claim from one reporter that Prince had gathered the workers together for a ‘meeting’ before opening fire.

Little is known about Prince, although he appears to have rented a home with his girlfriend, who has not yet been identified, in Edgewood; had a home and family in Delaware; and had an extensive criminal record.

In 2003 he pleaded guilty to 15 counts of third-degree burglary, for which he received a substantial prison sentence, Gahler said.

In March 2015 he was arrested on four gun violations: illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon; illegal possession of a registered firearm; illegal possession of a firearm; and having a handgun in a vehicle. None of those charges were prosecuted.

And at the start of this year a peace order was filed against him in Harford County, in which Advanced Granite Solutions is based, after he allegedly assaulted a colleague.

A detective investigates the private car lot where the sixth person was shot. It's unclear what motive Prince may have had for allegedly committing the shooting

The peace order, which was filed in February, said that Prince had punched a colleague in the face while working at a different granite company, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Prince is alleged to have then left the building, then returned to threaten his colleagues, according to the order. The incident was an argument over compensation.

‘He came back to our business justifying what he did was right because the other guy was saying some things that he did not like,’ the employee wrote in the peace order application.

The worker said that the furious man returned four times to them, and on the fourth time ‘came to see me, cursed and yelled at me… I felt very threatened because he is a big guy and very aggressive on me.’

He said that Prince had not actually hit him, but that ‘I do not want to wait until he will, plus, he already punched a co-worker, he can also do it to me.’

The order was denied by a Harford County District Court judge, who said that the applicant ‘could not meet the required burden of proof.’

Prince was fired from that granite company, and later went to work for Advanced Granite Solutions.

Meanwhile, a property manager who has rented a three-bedroom townhouse in Edgewood to Prince since November 2014 described him as polite and cooperative.

Heather Todd said Radee Labeeb Prince lives at the home with his girlfriend, who was not identified. She said he often paid his rent late.

Her company, Homes for Rent, has filed eight petitions for nonpayment of rent against the couple. But she said they always ended up paying their rent and the company never had to schedule an eviction.

Workers from the Advanced Granite Solutions company console each other. Gahler said that he believed it was due to a work relationship and that the body count would have been higher if Prince had been able to reach more employees

Prince has a criminal record stretching back to 2003, when he pleaded guilty to 15 third-degree burglaries. He was arrested for gun violations in 2015, but not prosecuted. And in February this year a peace order was taken out against him

In a morning press conference, Gahler said that deputies arrived on the scene within four minutes of the shooting.

They found five people wounded, two of whom died on the scene, with a third dying later. Two others are hospitalized – one in critical condition and another in serious condition.

Prince is then believed to have fled the scene in a 2008 black GMC Acadia with the Delaware license plate PC64273. He was still believed to be using the car as of Wednesday afternoon.

With Prince now no longer believed to be in the area, the lockdown placed on the park – located on Emmorton Park Road near Edgewood Road – and its surrounding schools and businesses, has now been lifted.

Prince should be considered ‘armed and dangerous’ and not approached, Davis said.

Police are ‘100 per cent sure’ that Prince is the only suspect, he said. Davis said that initial investigations suggest that the victims  were shot with a handgun – the only weapon believed to be used in the crime.

The crime is considered a ‘workplace shooting’ as all five victims work at Advance Granite Solutions, but it’s not yet been confirmed whether Prince worked there.

The business, which produces granite counter-tops, is believed to have around 20 employees, a nearby Burger King employee told WBALTV11

Police rope off the scene of the shooting in Edgewood, Maryland. Sheriff Gahler said one handgun was used in the shooting and they were '100%' sure there were no other suspects. Locals said an argument happened before the shooting

Those worried if friends or family may have been hurt should go to Richlin Ballroom at 1700 Van Bibber Rd, Edgewood, for more information, police said. Counselors and a chaplain are also on hand there. The location may move, so visitors should call ahead before traveling.

A ‘tactical situation’ was reported at a suburban house in Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland, around 35 miles away from Edgewood.

According to publicly available records, Prince was living in a home on the 500 block of Kiamensi Road Wilmington, Delaware, until May of this year.

A woman living at that address who claimed to have known Prince since he was in fourth grade told WBALTV11 that he doesn’t live there any more; they said he used it as a postal address.

They said he had been in Washington state recently, although it’s not yet clear why. He had reportedly stayed in Seattle for some time in recent years. She also said he had ‘issues’ but declined to say any more detail.

Closures due to the shooting didn’t just involve schools and local businesses; filming on hit Netflix show House of Cards also ground to a halt as a nearby set was shut down.

Producers confirmed to Variety that the incident took place just one mile from where the political drama, which stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, was being filmed.

In a joint statement, Netflix and Media Rights Capital confirmed: ‘We have been in touch with local authorities and are aware of a shooting situation that happened about a mile away from the House of Cards set. Production on the show has not been impacted.’

At the same time as the show was being closed off, a heavy police presence – including FBI and SWAT teams – was observed on the scene of the Baltimore shooting.

A substantial ATF response was also noted, despite only one handgun believed to be used in the commission of the crime.

Daniel Board Jr, the agent in charge, said that it was Maryland ATF policy to send out teams in full to any incident with a large number of victims regardless of the number of guns involved.

Two unidentified bystanders hug at the business park after the shooting. Anyone affected by the incident or who believes a friend or family member may have been involved can find support and information at Richlin Ballroom, 1700 Van Bibber Rd

Police and EMS respond to the shooting in Edgewood. Sheriff Gahler said one handgun was used in the shooting and they were '100%' sure there were no other suspects

Board added that two Full Violent Crime groups had been deployed, and that K-9 units were being used in both Maryland and Delaware to search for Prince.

Witness Mike Sullivan, with RE Michel Company, told WBALTV11 about what occurred prior to the shooting, according to his friend.

‘Next door we have another business that we know pretty well, and as we were outside talking the guy said that he heard a bunch of arguing that calmed down,’ he said. ‘Then, he heard a bunch of more arguing.

‘He said it sounded like a big huge fight going on and then next think he knew he heard some noises – didn’t sound like gunshots or didn’t really think it was gunshots – but the next thing he knew that’s when all chaos broke out.’

On Wednesday, Advanced Granite Solutions updated its Facebook page with a statement that read: ‘Words cannot express our feelings. We mourn the loss of our friends.

‘We would like to send our sincere condolences to the families. May God give our friends eternal rest and the families the strength to bear the great pain. Prayers and condolences to everyone affected by this tragedy.’

Earlier on Wednesday, the Harford County Public Schools website said that several schools had been placed ‘on modified lockdown’ due to ‘an abundance of caution’.

But that lockdown was lifted before 12:30pm after assurances from the Harford County Sheriff that Prince is no longer in the area.

The schools now reopened and functioning normally are Edgewood High School, Edgewood Middle School, Deerfield Elementary School, Edgewood Elementary School and William Paca/Old Post Road Elementary School.

‘We will proceed with all remaining activities today, including athletic events, as planned,’ the organization said on its website.

Businesses, including hotels, in the area were also opening up, it was announced.

The incident occurred two miles from the Panera Bread location in Abingdon, Baltimore, where two sheriff’s deputies, Patrick Dailey and Mark Logsdon, were shot dead in February 2016.

David Brian Evans, 67, shot one officer in the head, and was pursued by a second officer. Evans and that officer exchanged gunfire, both sustaining fatal injuries.

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