Man torches ex-girlfriend alive, watched her die after paternity test


The body of a Arizona mother who had gone missing for two days has been found, according to police, as her ex-boyfriend admits to hitting her, setting her body on fire, and watching the flames blaze before he fled the scene.

Jasmine Dunbar, 21, of Avondale, Arizona went missing on Tuesday along with her seven-month old baby girl.

The two were last seen with her ex-boyfriend Antwaun Travon, 20, for a paternity test.

Alarm was raised when the baby was found abandoned on the side of the road still in its car seat on Tuesday evening.

The child was safely returned to its family thanks to a backpack it was left with that held Dunbar’s identification.

The family then launched a search for its mother saying, ‘Jasmine would never leave her baby’s side for anything’ as said to ABC15.

Her family reported that she left her home around 7:30pm. Three hours later her baby was found in her car alone.

Jasmine Dunbar, 21, of Avondale, Arizona went missing on Tuesday along with her seven-month old baby girl stirring alarm in her family

Her body was found Thursday morning with burn marks on Camelback Road in Phoenix

On Thursday morning, police found a body near 107th Avenue and Camelback Road in Phoenix. Police believe it is tentatively Dunbar’s body.  Her body had sustained significant burns.

Authorities await official identification of the body through scientific analysis, according to ABC15.

Speaking to detectives Tuesday, Travon said that after he picked up Dunbar on Tuesday he allegedly ‘had a physical altercation’ with her and ‘punched her a  number of times with his fist’.

He claimed that he left her in a field near where her body was found and that ‘she was still alive then’.

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