Man arrested in murder of 2-year-old whose body parts found in lake


A man has been arrested over the murder of a two-year-old boy whose body parts were found in a Chicago lake more than a year ago.

Kamel Harris, who was caring for toddler Kyrian Knox and reported him missing from Rockford in September 2015, was charged with his murder on Monday night.

Police say the boy’s blood was found in the carpeting of the 41-year-old’s vehicle.

 Kyrian's remains were found in the Garfield Park lagoon on Chicago's West Side last year

Chicago Police Commander Kevin Duffin said investigators believe Harris ‘snapped’ and killed the child.

They say the child, who was lactose-intolerant, had ingested milk and had been crying most of the day before he was killed.

Kyrian’s remains were found in the Garfield Park lagoon on Chicago’s West Side last year.

The FBI positively matched the boy’s DNA with that of a dismembered body found in the lagoon two weeks before he was reported missing.

The toddler’s mother told police last year the child was staying with Harris and his girlfriend while she moved from Rockford to Iowa.

In November 2015, police said Harris and his girlfriend had been uncooperative with the investigation.

Harris was being held on an unrelated charge at the Winnebago County Jail in northern Illinois when he was arrested on Monday night in the boy’s death.

Authorities didn’t say what he’s charged with in the other case.

Duffin said Kyrian is believed to have been killed in Rockford, but that Harris is charged in Cook County because the child’s body was found in Chicago and police in that city did extensive work on the case.

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