Man who was brutally beaten by six Arizona cops in videotaped arrest speaks out


The man who was filmed being brutally beaten by six Arizona cops as they arrested him earlier this month has spoken out to call for justice.

Robert Johnson, 35, was beaten on the head until he lost consciousness on May 23.

Johnson spoke at a press conference on Thursday after the officers who beat him on May 23

They had gone to an apartment complex in search of a different suspect who had been reported for a domestic disturbance. They encountered Johnson in the hallway and became aggressive with him when he ‘refused to sit’.

The officers then struck him repeatedly on the head and dragged him, apparently unconscious, into an elevator.   The incident was caught on surveillance cameras and shocked top brass within the police department who have put five of the six officers involved on paid leave.

They are Jhonte Jones, Rudy Monarrez, Ernesto Calderon, Robert Gambee and William Abbiatti.

The sixth officer, who has not been named, is not on leave. A spokesman would not go into detail about why they had not received the same punishment but they told it was likely because not all of the officers exerted the same force over Johnson in the video.

On Thursday, Johnson, 35, fought back tears at a press conference about the incident and said he had been let ‘hurt’ by it.

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