Mother, boyfriend charged with beating her 4-year-old girl to death, starved her, burned feet and legs

By Nic White For Mailonline and Snejana Farberov For

A four-year-old girl allegedly beaten to death by her mother and her boyfriend was starved and had her feet and legs burned before she died.

Aniya Day-Garrett died in Euclid Hospital in Cleveland on Sunday from a stroke medical examiners said was caused by repeated blows to the head.

Her mother Sierra Day, 23, and Day’s boyfriend Deonte Lewis, 26, were charged with aggravated murder and held on $1 million bonds.

Aniya Day-Garrett died in Euclid Hospital in Cleveland on Sunday from a stroke medical examiners said was caused by repeated blows to the head 

Sierra Day, 23   Deonte Lewis, 26

Aniya’s skin appeared to be ‘extremely pale and lifeless,’ and her face and neck were ‘very small and emaciated’, a police report read.

The toddler also had what appeared to be rug burn marks on her feet and legs and was so malnourished paramedics ‘could see the individual joints’ of her fingers.

Doctors then noticed a big bruise on her left eye which was nearly swollen shut, a cut above her left eyebrow, and scald marks on both legs.

The pair called 911 about 11.30am on Sunday to report that she was unresponsive and not breathing as an operator talked them through CPR.

Day claimed Aniya started ‘acting weird’ when hey took her to Red Lobster the previous Thursday and that she fell off a toilet seat on Sunday.

She said her daughter was unable to keep food or water down and threw up Tylenol she gave her, then barely ate any breakfast the morning of her death.

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