Mother loses ovaries, uterus and TOES due to rare IUD complication that caused her birth control device to slip into her stomach


Tanai Smith expected no problems when she visited her doctor to have an IUD inserted.

The T-shaped plastic device is one of the most effective and low maintenance forms of birth control and she was told that it would work for between three and six years.

Smith, from Baltimore, Maryland, had no complications for three years until an X-ray in November 2017 revealed that the IUD, in a rare instance, had slipped from her uterus into her stomach.

An operation to remove the device led to sepsis, and surgery was required to remove her ovaries, her uterus, and her left toes – which had turned black after the tissue died.

Tanai Smith, 25 (pictured), from Baltimore, Maryland, suffered a rare complication in which her IUD slipped from her uterus into her stomach, causing her to lose her uterus, ovaries and her left toes

After Smith gave birth to her daughter, Morgan, three years ago, she wanted to hold off on having any more children, she said in an interview with Women’s Health.

As a college student working two jobs, and not planning on having any more children with Morgan’s father, Smith visited her OB-GYN to discuss her best options.

Her doctor recommended a hormonal intrauterine device (IUD), a small T-shaped device inserted into the uterus.

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Now the 25-year-old is sharing her story in educating other women about potential risks.

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