Mother-of-two suffered a stroke less than 3 minutes away from top stroke center, died after the hospital turned her ambulance away


In August 2014, 37-year-old Tiffany Tate suffered a stroke while she was at work.

She was just 0.2 miles away from one of the top-ranked stroke centers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – a three-minute drive – but her ambulance didn’t take her there.

Instead, the mother-of-two was taken to a hospital three miles away – an eight-minute drive – that provided limited stroke care.

Doctors were unable to treat her stoke and she was eventually placed in a nursing home. Four months after her stroke, Tate died.

Her death is now shining a light on a controversial practice in which patients in ambulances are turned away from ERs that deem themselves too busy.

An investigation from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found that so-called ambulance diversion still occurs in some of the nation’s largest cities, often leading to fatal consequences.

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