Nearly 100 women claim they have suffered under the care of doctor seen singing and dancing on YouTube


An attorney representing Atlanta lawsuits against a dermatologist who was seen singing and dancing while doing surgeries says nearly 100 women have called to say they have suffered in her care.

Attorney Susan Witt, who is representing the family of a bride to be, Icilma Cornelius, who went in for a tummy tuck and liposuction in 2016 with Dr. Windell Boutte’s, and was left brain dead, tells CNN she has had ‘more phone calls and emails’ than she can respond to.

Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr Windell Boutte filmed herself singing and dancing over her exposed patients during surgeries, it has been revealed   20 videos of Boutte singing and dancing during operations were found on YouTube. They have since been removed

Boutte’s public YouTube channel, which has since been taken down, showed the board certified dermatologist performing surgeries while singing, dancing and cavorting over her exposed patients.

Witt says many of the women who have come forward did so because they felt Boutte had a lack of care and concern for her patients.

Boutte is facing seven malpractice lawsuits from former patients. One son of a former patient said Boutte left his mother with permanent brain damage 

Additionally, at least two of the women who came forward to Witt said that they were able to identify themselves in the YouTube videos.

‘I think in this day and age, patients do have to be their own advocate,’ Witt said. ‘This has been a cautionary tale which I believe patients can learn from.’

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