Police officer fired after video shows him punching, kneeing handcuffed suspect


A Mississippi police officer has been fired after a cell phone video showed him punching a suspect who was handcuffed.

Jackson County Commander Tyree Jones says that police officer Justin Roberts was let go from the department on Monday after the footage surfaced, reports WJTV.

‘I found the actions of this officer completely unacceptable and not consistent with what we’re trying to do here at the JPD,’ said Jones.

Cell phone video shows Ladarius Brown in the white shirt being knocked into a wall and hit while handcuffed by Police Officer Justin Roberts of the Jackson County Police Department

It’s unclear what led up to the arrest on February 11 of the man identified as Ladarius Brown.

The video shows an African-American man in a white t-shirt, whose hands are cuffed behind his back, being pushed up against a wall by Roberts.

The officer, who is also African-American, then appears to give him an upper cut to the face with a fist and then punch him over the head.

A female officer steps in to try to break up the scene as a crowd of bystanders screams and films with cell phones

A female police officer rushes in to break up the scene as bystanders film with their cell phones and one repeatedly screams ‘I seen it!’

In a video taken from a different angle and obtained by WAPT, the same officer appears to knee the suspect.

Vance initiated an internal investigation after being supplied with the video.

Vance also told the outlet that he was ‘proud’ of the female officer who tried to break up the scene and that she did what she was trained to do.

Brown was then hauled off by three officers into a squad car - it's unclear what transpired before the arrest 

Brown, whose Facebook page says he works at a hair salon, appeared to be assaulted by the officer while he was handcuffed   Brown was arrested in Jackson County

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  1. John says:

    It seems the police officers and firemen in Florida don’t read the paper otherwise they would know they can’t get away with this kind of stuff anymore. I don’t know what criteria they use to pick these kind of people for public service. Imagine what it was like back in the day when they could get away with this and laugh it up in the locker room about how they beat somebody.

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