Prostitute stabs 70-year-old man after he fails to giver her edible panties, $2 in quarters


Dennis Pastorius, 70, was stabbed in the left shoulder June 12 allegedly by Tiedaneshia Eubanks (above in arrest photo), 32A 70-year-old man was stabbed during a prostitution deal gone bad over two dollars in quarters and edible panties, police say.

Dennis Pastorius, 70, was stabbed in the left shoulder with a knife on June 12 around 7.30pm allegedly by Tiedaneshia Eubanks, 32, in the 900 block of Pleasant Street in Waukesha.

She now faces charges of prostitution and first-degree reckless endangerment.

The incident happened after the pair agreed to have sex for money, and during the encounter Eubanks asked for edible panties and money.

He reportedly agreed to pay her two dollars in quarters, but he did not give her the edible panties, according to a police report.

Incident happened after they agreed to have sex in exchange for $2 in quarters and edible panties. But when Eubanks (above) didn't receive the panties, a physical altercation ensued and resulted in the stabbing, police say

After he refused to give her a pair, a physical altercation ensued.

She claimed to police that the 70-year-old started to frantically search the apartment and that she feared he might have been looking for a gun.

Eubanks then reached for her knife and stabbed him before leaving the apartment, police say.

She also took a package from the apartment before she tried to leave, authorities added.

Eubanks faces more than 13 years in prison and up to $35,000 in fines if convicted.

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