‘Prune head’ teen jailed for five years after robbing child’s motel birthday party



Rufus Gates, 17, was jailed for an armed robbery at a child's motel birthday party in South Carolina. He was dubbed 'prune head' by social media after his mugshot releaseA teenager dubbed ‘prune head’ for his scalp’s appearance was jailed for up to five years after he robbed a child’s motel birthday party with a gun.

Rufus Gates, 17, was sentenced to prison for barging into a child’s birthday party and robbing someone at gunpoint at a motel in Santee, South Carolina.

He pleaded guilty to the December 2015 robbery where he was assisted by Alexander Lamar Outlaw, who was earlier sentenced to ten years in prison.

The teenager has been teased online over his mugshot, where social media users called him a ‘prune head’ because of the wavy lines of skin on his scalp.

Gates was arrested shortly after the armed robbery at the Delta Motel, located in central South Carolina, reported WITN.

The two men had entered the room where there were four children and two adults and pushed everyone into a corner and demanded a man hand over his property.

The robbery happened at the Delta Motel (pictured) in Santee, South Carolina, in December of 2015. There were four children and two adults in the room at the time of the robbery

After Gates’ mugshot was released by news outlets, his head’s appearance has been made the subject of several prune and raisin jokes.

The top of Gates’ scalp is indented by rolls of skin that are bunched up to make it appear as if it is wrinkled, much like a raisin, a prune or the surface of a brain.

It appears that Gates may have a rare condition called cutis verticis gyrata, which was first cited in the 1800s.

Medscape describes the condition as the ‘scalp manifesting as convoluted folds and furrows formed from thickened skin of the scalp’ for which a version of the abnormality can cause ‘mental deficiency’.

Despite his medical condition, social media wasted no time in teasing Gates over the rolling indents on his scalp, comparing it to a grape and even wrinkly fingertips.

After Gates' mugshot was released, his head's appearance has been made the subject of several prune and raisin jokes. This user compared his head to wet, wrinkly fingertips

His scalp was also compared to a dirt bike course because of the ridges and also to a grape field   Gates may have a rate condition called cutis verticis gyrata which is the cause of the unusual folds


Cutis verticis gyrata is a rare condition first cited by Jean-Louis-Marc Alibert in the 1800s.

It is identified by the folds and furrows formed from thickened skin of the scalp, which may resemble a raisin or cerebriform pattern.

There are two different terms for the condition, the primary nonessential version of the abnormality can cause a range of side effects, including mental deficiency, schizophrenia or cranial abnormalities.

It is most commonly found in men after they reach puberty.

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