Residents in a black Chicago neighborhood claim cops left a ‘bait truck’ full of Nike sneakers open on the street


Chicago Police are under fire after allegedly parking a ‘bait truck’ full of designer shoes in an impoverished neighborhood, two days in a row.

Activists allege on at least one occasion last week, police parked the partially open truck near a group of children playing basketball in Englewood, southwest Chicago, in an attempt to lure them into committing a crime.

On both occasions, police are seen surrounded by furious residents, with marked and undercover police cars parked nearby.

While locals argue to police the trucks are a ‘dirty’ tactic, and officers are ‘setting up’ the community, law enforcement was seen arguing back anyone who engaged with the trucks was making a conscious decision.


Angry locals came and told off officers, who they claimed had set the situation up to turn local kids into thieves last week 

‘Instead of stopping crime, they’re trying to create it,’ Martin Johnson, who spent an hour filming the second truck on Friday, said.

He was joined by another local woman, Helen, who said police were forcing an already at-risk group of people behind bars.

‘When you live in the conditions that we live in, communities that are starving, and you’re hungry, your conditions and your situations make choices for you,’ she said, referencing the policeman who just a day before had claimed those arrested had made a ‘conscious choice’.

‘Whoever acted and went to jail yesterday, they didn’t make a conscious decision, their conditions made a decision for them.’

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