Road rage shooter pulled over to let grandmother over before killing 3-year-old

Source: The DailyMail

A man accused of killing a three-year-old boy in a road rage had pulled over to allow the child’s grandmother to drive in front of him before he fired his gun, police say.

Gary Holmes, 33, was arrested on Thursday over the incident in Little Rock, Arkansas.

He has been charged with capital murder and committing a terrorist act for killing toddler Acen King on Saturday.

Police say Holmes, who was traveling with his girlfriend at the time, grew angry at the child’s grandmother for ‘following him too closely’.

The girlfriend told police he pulled over to allow Kim King-Macon, Acen’s grandmother, to go ahead of him.

When she stopped at a sign immediately in front of their car for a few minutes, the girlfriend said Holmes, who is a father himself, got out of their car and approached the child’s to fire his gun.

Acen was sitting in the backseat and was fatally wounded. His grandmother only discovered the tragedy when she came to a stop again after speeding to a JCPenny store 10 miles away.

Another toddler, aged one, was also in the car but was unharmed.

A harrowing 911 call revealed Ms King-Macon screaming: ‘I was at the stop sign and the guy blew the horn at me, and I blew it back.

‘And he shot, but I thought he shot in the air. He shot at the car!’

Acen (pictured) was shot dead when the driver opened fire on his grandmother's car because she 'wasn't moving fast enough at a stop light', police said   His grandmother Kim King-Macon (pictured), 47, was with the boy and a one-year-old when the incident occurred

The toddler's distraught grandmother drove for ten miles before she realized he had been injured 

Holmes was arrested late on Thursday night after a five-day police search which involved the FBI. At one point authorities were offering a $20,000 reward for his whereabouts.

His parents are believed to have turned him over to officers.

The man has a daughter of his own. In a chilling social media post the day before the shooting, Holmes uploaded a photograph to Instagram which read: ‘Gone insane. Back soon.’

Acen was wounded in the neck. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The grandmother told police that a black Chevrolet Impala had pulled up behind her while she was parked at a stop light.

The other driver honked his horn, and King-Macon honked back, the police report said.

‘A black male then exited [the Impala] and fired one shot,’ the report said.

Little Rock has seen two infants die in road-rage gunfire in the past two months.

In November, a two-year-old girl was killed while being driven by her mom, Shunta Johnson, 37, when the driver of a passing vehicle fired into it.

The shooter in that case hasn’t been captured, and the girl has not been identified.

Police Chief Kenton Buckner said the road rage killings were frustrating for the police department and the community, especially because the young victims were ‘very innocent’ and ‘can do very little to protect themselves.’

‘We cannot have a community to where the least protected among us, being infants, who are dying these senseless crimes in our city,’ Buckner said.

He said he didn’t know if the children’s shootings were related.

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