‘Say his name!’ Grief-stricken brother of Stephon Clark clashes with Don Lemon during uncomfortable interview about his unarmed sibling’s death


The grief-stricken older brother of Stephon Clark has clashed with Don Lemon during an uncomfortable live interview on Wednesday night about his unarmed sibling’s death at the hands of Sacramento cops.

Clark, 25, repeated ‘say his name, say his name’ as the CNN anchor asked him to talk about his brother, a 22-year-old father-of-two, and hit out against the media for ‘following us everywhere we go’.

Lemon said ‘I know you are in grief’ before Clark moved on to discuss how he had teamed up with Sacramento’s mayor to build a library and recreation center in his sibling’s memory.

Lemon replied 'I know you are in grief' as Clark discussed how he had teamed up with Sacramento's mayor to build a library and recreation center in his 22-year-old sibling's memory

The interview began with Lemon asking, ‘How are you holding up right now?’ promoting Clark to ring a bell in the studio and say, ‘great question’.

‘I am not in grief,’ he said, before adding, ‘the media keeps following us everywhere we go’.

As Lemon tried to interrupt he continued, ‘What the media do is swarm on people with grief… They ruin their lives forever’.

The host said: ‘Can you let me get a word in please. Listen, I have to manage the time here so that we can get something out of this interview because a lot of people are watching.’

Lemon then said, ‘Talk about your brother please’, prompting Clark to answer, ‘Say his name, say his name’.

After several more disjointed exchanges Lemon closed the interview and said: ‘Thank you so much for joining us and my heart goes out for you. Thank you.’

Several moments later when Clark was off screen, Lemon told viewers: ‘Maybe it was just a little too soon for him to be on television. I hope his family gets justice and he’s welcome back on.’

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